Violence, Veils and Bloodlines

Reporting from War Zones

by Louis J. Salome

Louis J. Salome“A sweeping tour of the world’s most contentious corners with a delightful and insightful guide, one of the best of a dwindling breed of adventurous foreign correspondents.” — Doug Struck, former foreign correspondent for the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun. Read more reviews . . .

“Mr. Lou, what’s your blood?” This question, asked by Lou Salome’s ethnic-Albanian guide and translator, propelled the tribal inquisition to its highest level. That’s when Salome grasped the full meaning of “Mr. Lou, where you from?” and “Mr. Lou, where’s your grandfather from?” the usual questions that people from Northern Ireland to Afghanistan asked when trying to determine Salome’s roots and whether he could be trusted.
The veiled tribal questions about his ethnic background, ancestral religion, language and culture stalked Salome because of his Mediterranean features. The answers to those questions bind and separate people, and are at the root of conflicts. During nearly 10 years of reporting across Europe, Asia, North and East Africa for the Atlanta-based Cox Newspapers group, Salome dodged the questions to avoid being thrust into a tribal niche by people who knew nothing about him. Salome ducked those questions, but couldn’t brush off the book that lay loosely in his lap and gnawed at his mind.

About the Author

Louis J. Salome spent 35 years as a newspaper reporter and editor, 10 as the last editorial page editor of The Miami News and the last five of his journalistic life as an editor and investigative reporter at The Palm Beach Post. During his career, Salome won numerous awards for reporting and editorial writing, including twice being given the Distinguished Service Award by Sigma Delta Chi, the National Society of Professional Journalists. A graduate of the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass., he also holds an MA degree in history from Boston College. His study of history prepared him well for understanding the past among the peoples and conflicts from Belfast to Kabul.

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