O. Henry Perfect by David Mauriello

O. Henry Perfect, by David J. MaurielloAuthor, playwright, and film producer David Mauriello has newly published a set of 3 one-act plays based on short stories by O. Henry. The three one-act plays are: The Perfect Fool, The Perfect Stranger, and The Perfect Archer, based respectively on O. Henry’s short stories entitled The Ransom of Mack, Makes the Whole World Kin, and Mammon and the Archer.

O. Henry Perfect, Three Short Plays

Adapted from the works of O. Henry by David J. Mauriello

O. Henry Perfect, is available for purchase on Amazon.com.

From the book:

O. Henry (William Sydney Porter (1862-1910) wrote hundreds of entertaining tales. His perfection of the “twist-to-the-plot ending” and unique style make him a true American original.

His Christmas classic, THE GIFT OF THE MAGI, illustrates another reason for O. Henry’s popularity; his representation of the common man and woman.

“While adapting THE GIFT OF THE MAGI I more fully realized that O. Henry’s dialogue with its delightful combinations of superlatives and malapropisms would be “perfect” when spoken for theater audiences.” — David Mauriello

David J. Mauriello is an award-winning playwright, author of the book REMINDERS OF HOME, How To Remember Who You Really Are, and is the Executive Producer of the movie JUST SAY LOVE, available on Amazon Instant Video.

Reviews of David’s previous works:

JUST SAY LOVE —”A strikingly elegant, moving and satisfying film. Truly a wonderful cinematic creation.”
—TLA Video

SPIRITS WILLING — “sparkles, Mauriello proves a resourceful craftsman.” —The Boston Phoenix
BODY — “phenomenally well crafted script”
—Rockingham County News

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