Embellishments Victorian Detail

Constructing Victorian Detail

by Astrida Schaeffer

This book of full-color photographs and how-to guide highlights ten Victorian dresses from the Embellishments: Constructing Victorian Detail UNH exhibit and analyzes their design elements in depth. Each item has been closely examined, taking advantage of places where threads have loosened over time to peer at the back side of trims, searching garment interiors, and studying fabric grain lines and seams for clues on construction. Lush photography of full-length gowns and close-up views of construction details are paired with descriptions, clear diagrams, and instructions for a book you can enjoy on many levels.

About the Author

Astrida Schaeffer has been working with historic fashions and textiles for over 25 years as a curator, mannequin maker, reproduction dressmaker, researcher, teacher, and author. Her hands-on experience with historical reproductions has given her a detailed understanding of how clothing in museum collections works, and therefore of what each garment needs in a mannequin in order to looks its best for its period. She managed collections at the Museum of Art, University of NH for ten years and learned the craft of carving mannequins at the Textile Conservation Center in Lowell, MA. In addition to working with museums and historical societies in New England and beyond, she has curated a number of costume exhibitions across New England. She most recently curated and prepared the mannequins for the exhibition, Embellishments:Constructing Victorian Detail at the University of New Hampshire, the inspiration for this book.

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Paperback, 128 pages, full color, 10×8.5″ Publisher: Great Life Press 2013 ISBN 978-1938394-04-1
Available from: SchaefferArts Costume Exhibition & Care

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