The Immigrant Garden – Letters

by Caroline Wood

The Immigrant Garden - Letters, by Caroline WoodA Story of an English Garden
and the hearts that grew it

It’s 1910 and Miss Cecily Barnes of Washington State is passionate about having a flower garden. She finds a catalogue from “Mrs. Beauchamp’s Mystical Flower Seed and Herb Emporium” and sends off to England for seeds. Thus begins a joyous exchange of letters between young Cecily and Mrs. Louise Beauchamp that grows into a friendship transcending time and oceans.

This poetic novel uses the tools of a garden and unearths the hidden places of our hearts. The story weaves a web of sensual words and wisdom while tracing the roots of longing to the need to be seen and understood. A modern day classic that will continue to please as long as there are flower gardens and hearts that grow them.

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paperback, 5×8, 178pgs, illustrated
ISBN: 978-1-938394-29-4
Published by Grateful Heart Books & Plays

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