Tales in Design – An Engineer’s Journey into the Complex Nature of Design

by Jud Pitman

Tales in Design - an Engineer's Journey into the Complex Nature of Design by Jud PitmanJud Pitman grew up in Hollis, New Hampshire. At six years of age he knew he was to build a car. What followed was an apprenticeship—and an initiation, into the craft-guild of car builders.

Jud completed a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering, a masters degree in materials science, and earned patent awards. After thirty years as a professional engineer, an unanswered question remained: What drives the desire to design? Years of study revealed to him the complex nature of Design.

If you’ve shaved, gone running, driven at night, or had blood drawn, it’s likely you have unknowingly benefitted from the results of Jud Pitman’s patented design work. These are some of his tales.

“I would recommend it [Tales in Design] to anyone looking for fresh insights from a successful designer.” — David Dayton, engineer, inventor, and author.

“(Explore with) an amazing mind and talent for invention!”—Prof. Susanne O’Brien, NHTI

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Paperback, 6×9, 204 pages, illustrated
2014, Published by Great Life Press
ISBN: 978-1-938394-10-2
Out of print

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