Microsoft Word Searches


Here’s a great tip for Microsoft Word 2010/2011 users. There’s a Website called — In particular, I was looking for a way to advance search and replace special and non-printing characters.

Word Chart
Word Chart 2

Sometimes I get files from authors that are filled with non-breaking spaces, and line feeds (soft returns), when what I really need is one regular space, and no carriage return, so that I can use style sheets to create a hanging-indent the RIGHT way.

For example, when creating a bibliography list, you want the entries to begin against the left margin, and subsequent lines in the entry to indent underneath the first line of the entry.

I’ll post a tutorial on this later, but for right now, here is the link to how to search for non-printing and special characters using Word’s Advanced search and replace [Look under the menu for Edit > Find > Advanced Search in MS 2010/2011].

Bonne création! And thanks to the folks at!