Casco Bay Lighthouses and Portland Observatory

by Stephen T. Lyons (Garda)
Casco Bay Lighthouses and Portland Observatory bookA brief full color photographic history of the lighthouses in Casco Bay and the Portland Observatory, Portland Maine. The book includes:

1791 Portland Head Lighthouse
1807 Portland Observatory
1828 Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse, East & West Towers “Two Lights”
1855 Portland Breakwater Lighthouse “Bug Light”
1871 Halfway Rock Lighthouse
1897 Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse
1905 Ram Island Lighthouse

About the author, Stephen Lyons “Garda”

Stephen’s ancestors came to the United States via Portland, Maine, Plymouth Colony, and Boston, Massachusetts. He knows the meaning of living and working in Maine. After thirty years in government and five years in education, he retired to pursue his love of history. Stephen was born in Portland, Maine and has spent most of his life in Greater Portland. After researching and writing twenty family genealogies from Plymouth Colony to modern days, he continues his passion for history by sharing his experience and knowledge of the lighthouses, fishermen, military installations, indigenous people and sites of interest in Casco Bay. Stephen enjoys adventures, history, hiking, camping and meeting those who live and work in Casco Bay. This love now takes him on historical guides of “Caskoak”; the Wabanaki people’s name for the current Casco Bay, meaning “place of herons” and the word “Wabanaki” means “land of the dawn,” as the sun rises first on this coastal land. This was once the home and fishing grounds of the Indigenous Abenaki people, before the eventual take-over by English Colonists, and later the government of the USA. Stephen is the only person to have traveled and climbed to the top of all seven lighthouse towers in Casco Bay. While hiking all the major islands of Casco Bay, he has taken the time to meet the island residents and visit locations of historical interest and island museums. During this journey he has been a curator, historical research/docent for Two Lights State Park, U.S. Navy Northeast Recruiting Headquarters, and the Museum at Portland Head Lighthouse (Maine’s oldest lighthouse and the first lighthouse completed by the USA). He has also been a historical guide for Casco Bay Custom Charters and Portland Harbor Water Tours, and author. Over the years he has shared his experiences and passion for history with over 100,000 tourists, students, communities, and civic organizations, from all fifty states and seventy countries. Stephen has a Master’s degree from Boston University and Diploma of Portland History Docent (PHD). He has supported or volunteered for over fifty nonprofits, charities, and community organizations. Stephen is a US Marine Corps Veteran, assigned to the 2nd & 3rd Marine Divisions and the US Department of State. While in the US Marine Corps he served or deployed in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. Stephen and his wife Nancy have raised four children in the Casco Bay Town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

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26 pages, 8×8, full color. ISBN: 978-1-938394-51-5
Available from the author, email: Stephen T. Lyons

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Book design and layout by Grace Peirce
Published by Great Life Press, 2020

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I would highly recommend Grace for your next book project. I sincerely believe she was the greatest asset in the sale of my book to the Maine State Park Service and Museum at Portland Head Lighthouse, which is now the official book for the U.S.A. first completed lighthouse and Maine’s oldest lighthouse.” — Stephen Lyons