Appointment with Unreality

by Penelope May
Appointment with Unreality, Penelope May
Lee, a retired mental health counselor, is hearing a voice in her head. Is this the voice of an alien creature (impossible), or is she having delusional episodes (unlikely)? Fleeing to Midcoast Maine for solitude and safety, she makes friends with a younger priest who may have delusions of his own. To solve the puzzle of the voice in her head, Lee begins an adventure that will take her far beyond the reality she understands. It’s a good thing she has her brave and intelligent Kai dog with her.

Penelope May says: “Appointment with Unreality is an exciting adventure that explores a variety of deeper themes. The story contrasts a person of profound religious belief to a person interested only in the real, while treating both characters with equal respect. The contrast between ‘belief’ and ‘reality’ moves the story forward into mysterious regions. This is a work of imaginative fiction, in which the story goes way beyond what could be expected to occur in life. ‘What is real?’ is a question that hangs over the entire book. I hope this mixture of the ordinary and the extraordinary expands the reader’s thinking and adds to their enjoyment.”

About the Author, Penelope May

Penelope May’s first novel, Appointment with Unreality, was begun in the unknown, from a premise that had lurked in her mind for several decades. Allowing the story to evolve out of its premise and characters, Penelope enjoyed exploring many areas, including: belief, faith, what is real, neuroscience, spirituality, and friendship.

As a child, Penelope spent a lot of time in her head, telling herself adventure stories. At Columbia University she studied filmmaking, and later worked at the Harvard Center for Cognitive Studies as a filmmaker. Moving to New Hampshire, she made a few independent films and kept life exciting by indulging in safe adventures, such as long runs and swimming in the cold Atlantic ocean.

In her early forties, Penelope undertook the great adventure of becoming a single adoptive parent. She switched from filmmaking to a more reliable career in software development, and eventually created a transracial family with two wonderful sons. When her kids were young and went to bed early, she spent her evenings writing a transgender science fiction story that was never intended for publication. Now that her sons are grown and no longer at home, she has the good fortune of uninterrupted time to write.

These days, Penelope chooses the adventures of writing, being in the unknown, and exploring a path of sacred healing.

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Paperback, 6×9, 150 pages
Published by Kai Press
ISBN-13: 978-1733096300
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