Those Hot Dusty Roads – An American Folk Singer’s Odyssey

by David Hamil
Foreword by Alex Herlihy

Those Hot Dusty Roads - An American Folk Singer's Odyssey, by David HamilFrom the late ’50s to the mid-’70s, Dave Hamil was a folk musician who played many coffee houses and clubs that featured folk music and occasionally comedians as entertainment.

He played and sang as a single and in many musical groups. He was accomplished on the guitar and excelled on the 5-string banjo. His jobs took him to towns in the Rocky Mountains, the Southwest, the Midwest, California, and occasionally the Southeast. During his years performing on the road he discovered he was more interested in living and playing in places he enjoyed and being with people he liked, rather than the financial rewards that many sought in the music business. This book tells about some of the places he played and his recollections of the people he met traveling down that proverbial hot dusty road.

After a couple of shoulder injuries, he gave up the guitar and banjo and took up the concertina. He is content to play a duet concertina and sing the folk songs he played—or wished he’d played—when he was traveling around the country.

Dave and Ellen have homes in Rye, New Hampshire, Taos, New Mexico, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Paperback, 6×9, 164 pages, photographs
2019, Published by Great Life Press
ISBN: 978-1-938394-36-2
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