Shoals Archaeology exhibit: Only a few more days to go!

Under the Isles of Shoals, J. Dennis RobinsonOnly a few more days to go to see the “Under the Isles of Shoals” exhibit at the Discover Portsmouth Center in downtown Portsmouth, NH.

If you miss the exhibit, be sure to stop in at the Discover Portsmouth Center anyways, and pick up a copy of J. Dennis Robinson‘s great book, Under the Isles of Shoals, designed and produced by Grace Peirce of Great Life Press.

The book is available at the Discover Portsmouth Center, and also can be ordered through the Portsmouth Marine Society, where you can also find many other fine books on the history of the maritime region of the Piscataqua River, which runs between New Hampshire and Maine.

The Under the Isles of Shoals book has over 200 full color photos and maps, illustrating the well-written account of the archaeology dig now in progress on Smuttynose Island off the coast of New Hampshire and Maine. Thousands of artifacts are being uncovered.

Smuttynose“In just four years of an ongoing “dig” at the Isles of Shoals, Nathan Hamilton and his archaeology students have unearthed 250,000 artifacts. Those bones, stones, and fragments of human occupation tell volumes about life on a rock. And tiny buried shells may reveal secrets of climate change.” — J. Dennis Robinson. Read more: What We are Learning about the Isles of Shoals.

Until August 31, 2012:

Visit the FREE Under the Isles of Shoals exhibit:
The Discover Portsmouth Center
corner of Middle and Islington Streets, Portsmouth NH
Open Daily 10AM to 5PM